Preparing for 2018

I regrammed this post from @alex_elle earlier today. It really got me thinking about this year overall, and the tone I want to intentionally set for 2018.


Earlier this month I unfriended and even blocked a few people from being able to access me. Not something that I do often but realized I needed to do it. They probably won’t even notice and that’s ok. I needed to disconnect to continue moving forward. 

Over the past few months I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with the most amazing people that have poured positivity and love in to me. As we prepare for 2018 have you thought about what/who you need and what/who should go? 

2017 had two different parts for me. The first two-thirds of the year focused on reflection, appreciation, and adventure. The latter part of this year has focused on renewal, discovery, and revival. Lots of r’s.

I know we all say we are looking forward to a new year, but I always like to think about what goals I want to accomplish. No, not resolutions. Goals. And what new passport stamps I hope to get 🙂


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