48 Hours – Computer Free


For the past two Fridays I worked a little later into the evening so that I could have 48 hours free from my computer. I got ALL my work done, even got ahead on some things. I had other things going on this and last weekend (friendsgiving, rehearsals, performance, baby shower, and a wedding) but the time away from the multiple tabs I have open on my browser gave me some much needed physical and mental space. Here are my reflections on both of my 48 hour breaks from my computer:

1. I wanted to spend less time in front of screens in general. I did not watch much TV at all.

2. Instead of wondering what I needed to do, I thought about what I CAN do. I had the space to let my creative side wonder.

3. It was a lot easier to mediate. I was not thinking about all the things I needed to do.

4. The desire to do some of my chores did not increase (HA!), but I was not bothered by my decision to relax more than pick up around the house.

5. I actually came up with several great ideas for teaching and some of my smaller projects. I started traveling with a notepad again so I could jot down notes and sketch out my ideas.

6. I slept well!

7. I read more. I finally got back to some books that I started that I have not been able to finish.

8. I felt/feel better overall. When I returned to my computer today and last Monday I was able to focus more on what I needed to accomplish.

In the future, I may include an email restriction component, for at least a full day. The key to having computer-free weekends is planning. I take a step back to think a few steps ahead. BUT, I am very honest with myself.  There are days where I move through a list of tasks/goals, and days where I only make it to 1 or 2 things.  Both days are great days. At the end of both of those days I am perfectly content still finishing my day enjoying some tea and flipping thought a cooking magazine.


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