Using Your Gift


Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Barbara (pictured above) while volunteering to stuff bags for the Delta Research and Educational Foundation. Let me start by saying, I knew I would like her from the moment she walked into the room. She chose to sit at the table where I was working and just started chatting with us about her day and shared that she was excited about going to National Convention. She also shared some truly amazing stories about her life and things that she has learned along the way. At one point during the conversation, she stopped and said, “If you only remember one thing that I have shared with you, please remember that you should always use your gifts.” She repeated this comment again after I hugged her and thanked her again for sharing her story with us.

I have been reflecting on that statement since then. As I continue to grow and experience life, I often think about what my gifts are and how I can use them. I have also been reflecting on when I realized I had certain gifts.

Have you thought about your gifts lately, and are you using them?

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